The Revolution is Now!

I am thrilled to announce the release of my debut novel, Weeli’s Smile, The Revolution. A long time in the making, Weeli’s Smile is a modern day journey of discovery, love, politics and spiritual revolution.

Tales From the Road

In January of 2007, I left my corporate job, packed my dog and my guitar in a 2005 Sportman Sportster Trailer, and began my year and a half journey on the road. When I left, I had no set schedule or map. I kept many journals. This Tales From The Road blog is excerpts taken from an online blog I kept during that journey. Every few weeks, updates will be posted to this blog. They will not necessarily be in chronological order.

The Moon of New Wind

Warrior of spirit
Love be your spear
Awareness your bow.
Warrior of spirit
Take aim when you feel
Forgetting all that you know.

Chapter One

It was in the time we call The Moon of New Wind that Big Mind allowed me to see The Great Renewal. Like wildfire raging across the plains of my ancient Cheyenne cousins, this renewal will bring much death and destruction before the light shines, but when the light shines, there will be a joy throughout the cosmos never known to man, The Great Spirit, or even Big Mind.

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